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Hex Number Plates

What are Hex Plates?

Hex plates are also known as Lamborghini plates due to the fact that these are used on specific Lamborghini models such as the Urus, Huracan STO and Aventador. Hex plates are made from the same materials as standard plates, however, these are cut with laser-cutting technology to create sharp angles on each corner which are intended to highlight the curves of the car.

Whilst they were originally designed to fit supercars, hex plates have become the latest trend in the automotive world and can now be found on any car, regardless of their price tag.

The sharp angles of the plates create a futuristic and sophisticated look which is designed to offer a sense of exclusiveness that cannot be achieved through any other plate.

In addition, at PL47ES we offer 3D, 4D and tinted hex plates which further enhance the look of your car.

Finally, these plates are 100% ROAD LEGAL (except tinted plates) as hex plates fully comply with the DVLA requirements and are produced by our experienced team who are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that every number plate is made with the precision needed to comply with the DVLA standards.

Why are hex plates used on Lamborghinis?

hex number plateAutomobili Lamborghini was established in Italy in 1963 and since then it has become one of the most exclusive and prestigious automotive brands. Lamborghini gained its reputation thanks to its exotic and cutting-edge designs which never fail to impress even the most critical automotive experts. However, this appetite for innovation is not limited to the mechanical aspects of the car if not reflected across the entire car to create a masterpiece. Therefore, the number plates are not an exception and on models such as the Urus, Aventador S and Huracan STO the Hex shaped plates are placed on the front and rear of the car to better highlight its curves and offer a unique and exclusive look which can only be achieved by using these special plates.

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Can I use a hex plate on any car?

Yes, whilst hex plates were originally designed to fit specific Lamborghini models, these can be fitted on any car regardless of their brand or price tag and will transform your car by creating a unique and exclusive look that will make your car stand out from all others.

How are hex plates fitted on the car?

Hex plates can be fitted on your car using our fitting kit which includes industrial-strength adhesives that are made to avoid any damage on the plates and increasing their durability.

Are Lamborghini plates legal?

Our experienced team at PL47ES ensure that every plate is made in line with the DVLA standards. Hex plates are 100% road legal and will pass an MOT.

PL47ES is a DVLA registered company and we use the latest technology to produce number plates with the precision needed to comply with DVLA standards.