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Motorbike Number Plates

Our 3D Number Plates:

By replacing your standard number plate with a 3D Number Plate you are showing a level of care and investment in your vehicle that will make it stand out from all others! Our 3D number plates are fully road legal and are made by a professional and experienced team, using the best manufacturing tools that guarantee precision and compliance with the British Standard for Number Plates. 3D plates are made by replacing the standard digits on a number plate with high-quality and durable 3D digits that are placed onto the number plate with an aligner to guarantee the precision needed to make them road legal.

Are 3D Number Plates road legal?

ev plateAs long as the 3D plates are made by a professional and authorised number plate supplier such as us at PL47ES, 3D Number Plates are 100% road legal and will pass an MOT as we fully ensure that everything that we supply complies with the requirements from the British Standard for Number Plates or BS AU 145e. 3D Number Plates offer in fact multiple benefits from a safety perspective as they are more durable and visible to other cars and pedestrians. Therefore, the British Standard for Number Plates considers these to be road legal.

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Can 3D Plates be used on any type of vehicle?

We offer custom 3D plates for all types of vehicles. Using our state-of-the-art plate builder you can create a custom legal or showplates for motorcycles, vans, cars (including electric cars) and taxis or private hire vehicles. In addition, using the plate builder you can customise not only the type of text but also the style of your plate. For instance, you can select the option of a shorter plate, hex shaped (Lamborghini style) plate, tinted plate or a combination of all!